Weather Issues (Recreation)

Weather Issues (Recreation)

Bad Weather Day Procedure

Call the Soccer Hotline. 586-615-9982. There will be a status of the field conditions. If there is no specific message for your team or division YOUR GAME IS STILL ON. If there is an OFFICIAL cancellation it will be clearly stated on the Soccer Hotline and sent by email, twitter and posted on the website. Sign up to receive our Emails, Twitter and Facebook updates straight to your phone.

Cold Weather:

Wear shirts and pants under uniform (optional).

Hats and gloves without zippers or hard pieces are allowed.

Call your coach if you are not sure what to do.

Rain Showers:

U8 thru U19 must show up to game fields.

They will play in the rain. We have referees scheduled who will call the game if necessary. Referees are instructed that if lightning is on the field they should tell the teams to go to their cars for 15 minutes. If it clears up the game will continue. If it does not clear up a decision will be made at a later time if there will be a makeup game.

U6 Division 

Coaches will call the hotline for a field conditions status.

U6 Division coaches must call the other coach to decide whether to play the game or reschedule. U6 Coaches will have access to a list of phone numbers for the other coaches in their division.

We recommend playing if at all possible, it may be hard to reschedule the game later.

U4 Division

The Soccer Hotline will update its message as necessary to

let you know if U4 games are officially cancelled.

If there is no message, games are still on.

Lightning on the soccer field:

Leave field immediately and find shelter.

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