Romeo FC Travel Soccer

Romeo FC is growing quickly and is now one of the largest travel soccer leagues in Southeast Michigan. Our teams play in Michigan's MYSL, MSPSP and other elite leagues.

Our goal is to provide boys and girls aged 8 through 19 the opportunity to play competitive soccer at an affordable price.

We are committed to developing the player’s skills while emphasizing sportsmanship, commitment and hard work.

Romeo FC's qualified and licensed coaches and administrators are passionate about the sport and give their time for the love of the game.

Most of all, we want the players to have fun playing the exciting game of soccer.


Our home field is Simpson Park at 70199 Campgroup Road, Romeo 48065 which is where games are usually played and most teams practice at least once per week.

Some games and practices may be held at other local fields (Field Maps)


Teams are formed in June with tryouts and run throughout the year.

The Fall outdoor season usually starts in August and runs into early November.

Indoor training and games start in early November and runs into mid-April.

The Spring season starts around mid-April and to mid-June.


During the outdoor seasons, teams usually practice 2-3 times during the week. Indoor training is usually 1-2 times per week.

Trainings can last anywhere from 1-2 hours and are set at the discretion of the coach.


Outdoor seasons are often 8-10 games per season.

Indoor games are often 10 game sessions.

Teams also play in at least 2 tournaments which have 3 guaranteed games each.


Once selected through tryouts for a team, jerseys are purchased through our team store at RFC Uniforms.

Kits include 3 jerseys, shorts and socks.

Spirit Wear

RFC Spirit Wear can be purchased from either HERE

Standard Package Cost

Our base package includes 2 outdoor seasons of play, indoor training throughout the winter, indoor games and 2 tournaments for players up to High School aged players. $1,100

For our High School aged players, our base package includes 1 outdoor season, indoor training throughout the winter, indoor games and 1-2 tournaments for players. $950

For Single Season players, our package includes 1 season of soccer, 1 tournament for players. $395

Extra Costs

The Standard Uniform Package is $115

Teams may opt to play in additional tournaments, hire specialized trainers or obtain special equipment. This is at the team and coaches discretion.

We missed June tryouts but are interested in joining a team, what do we do?

Contact Mary at 586-219-2290 or

 What is Travel Soccer?

Travel soccer is typically a full-year program that offers players with opportunities for highly competitive soccer training and games, which requires a higher level of commitment by the players (and their parents).

Romeo FC provides:

  • A full-year program focused on player and team development.
  • Competitive soccer at every level in local and regional leagues, MYSL and MSPSP.
  • Licensed coaches who dedicate their time for the love of the game. 
  • Technical soccer skills training and game experiences for optimal player and team development.

What time commitment is required with travel soccer? 

Time commitments do vary among teams based on the competitive levels and interests of the players and parents. In general terms:

Fall/Spring Seasons

  • Fall Outdoor Season the runs from September to November. 
  • The Spring Outdoor Season runs from April to June.
  • All teams practice at least two days per week.
  • Each team plays an average of 8-10 league games. 
  • Teams participate in at least 2 tournaments per year.

Winter Season:

  • Indoor Season runs from November to April.
  • All teams train/practice at least one day per week.  
  • All teams participate in Winter indoor leagues determined by the coach.  

What does the U in U9 mean?

The "U" stands for Under which means the players on that team start off under that age and are often turning the age number (ex. U9 means the players are at most 8 years old turning 9, whereas U14 means the players are 13 turning 14).


What equipment do I need?

Correct size soccer ball, cleats, shin guards and water bottle are required for all practices and games.


What size ball do we use?

Under 9 through U12 play with a size 4 ball where as U13 and older play with a size 5 ball.

My player needs a new jersey or full kit, where do I go to do that?

New kits or pieces can be ordered through here:, then by searching for our Romeo FC store and finally your player's name or team.

Can I wear a cast (or earings, religious medals, eyeglasses)?

The FIFA Laws of the Game prohibit anything which could be dangerous to ones self or other players. Referees ultimately determine what can be worn without being dangerous. Consult your coach with specific questions.


Are mouth guards needed?

Injuries to the teeth are so few that insurers do not require them. Many dentists however recommend them.


What format does my team play? 

U9-U10 play 7v7, U11-U12 play 9v9, and U13 and older play 11v11. (7v7 means 7 total players on each team at time.)

2024-2025 SEASON

This registration process is for players trying out for Romeo FC for the 2024-2025 season.

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