NMCYS U12-U19 Rec

NMCYS is a non-profit volunteer organization that teaches soccer and life skills to children and young adults. Our organization embraces our three-tier approach to soccer as teaching, fun and exercise. We teach soccer with an emphasis on child development and sportsmanship. We are honored that you have entrusted us to help shape your child's future.

The soccer fees pay for the equipment, field maintenance, field painting, uniforms, referees, insurance. We are able to keep our costs down because everyone in our organization volunteers their time for the children. What we ask from the parents is to consider volunteering to coach, paint fields or distribute uniforms. Coaching is where parents can help the most, as we cannot coach all of the teams we have without your help. We provide practice plans and tips to make practices run smooth, the time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours max per week.

Please consider coaching your child's team as we don't want to have to limit the kids that can play because we don't have coaches for the teams. You'll find that you will get as much out of coaching as your child does from you coaching their team. It is a great way to spend quality time with your child and build memories for years to come.

We use the random assignment of players to teams method. We do not accept requests to play with other players. The only way to change this is to coach a team, as a coach, you can select one individual to play on your team. (Usually reserved to have their parent as an asst coach.)


What aged players are appropriate for this program?

We have teams that range from 12 to 19 years old.

Our U19 teams are co-ed, all U12 & U14 teams are separated by gender.


What time of the year does this program run?

First game for Spring season is April 15, continuing for 7 weeks.


Where are the games played?

U12 teams play at Bruce Twp Park Field 1 (West of the trees, by the pavilion) 299 E Gates St, Romeo MI 48065 or Whispering Woods Park 11000 21 Mile Rd Shelby Mi 48317

U14 and U19 are local travel and play teams from local communities such as Rochester, Clarkston, Waterford and Shelby.


When are practices and how often are they?

Practices days and times are assigned by the coach.

Once your child has been assigned to a team, the coach will contact the parents with information.

U6 - U10 are once weekly, U12 - U19 are usually twice / week.


How many games will they play? What days of the week?

Each team will play a minimum of 8 games per season.

For Spring 2023, we play for seven weeks. Each team has seven weekend games and one weekday games.

Last game approximately May 27.


Are uniforms provided or are they purchased separately?

Your child will be provided a uniform which includes, jersey, shorts and socks.

Extra Costs

What costs beyond registration fees should be expected?

The only extra costs in our league are for a ball, cleats and a water bottle.


You can use the link below to register with NMCYS as a referee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I coach my child’s team?

We would love you to coach! If there is an opening for a coach we will notify you. If you aren’t sure please just call us and we can see if coaching would be an option for you.

Can I request specific teams or teammates?

Only coaches have the ability to request one specific teammate, that is primarily used to request a child's parent as an assistant coach.

When and where are practices?

Practices times and locations are decided on by the coach. Practice fields are in Romeo, Bruce, or Washington unless approved by the NMCYS Board. Generally, you can expect practices to be for an hour or hour and a half sometime between 5:30 and 8:00 pm Monday Thru Friday / weekly.

We cannot tell you before the season starts when or where your practice will be.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available up to the start of the season, prior to the first game.

When are games?

We like our games on Saturdays but every season we usually have at least one-weekday game. Memorial weekend we do not play so we play games during the week. In the fall we do a weekday game so that we don’t run into snow.

Where are the games?

U12 games are held at the Bruce Twp. Park / Harvest Church Soccer fields at 299 East Gates Romeo, MI 48065 or Whispering Woods Park 11000 21 MIle Rd, Utica, MI 48317.

Under 14 and Under 19 games play half of their games at Croswell Elementary and half of their games against other leagues locally; Rochester, Clarkston, Oxford, Madison Heights, Royal Oak.

Can I put my company’s name on team shirts?

That would be awesome! If you would like to sponsor a team just contact us for details.

How do I become a paid referee?

Contact us for details. Check out our referee page for more information.

What about snacks for my team?

We like to let teams decide together if they want to do snacks for a team. REMEMBER-a coach needs to focus on coaching. So please offer to be the team parent who will coordinate snacks for your team.

What division will my child be in?

Under 12 is for players age 10 - 12 years old (Boys and Girls teams)

Under 14 is for players age 12 - 14 years old (Boys and Girls teams)

Under 19 is for players age 14 - 19 years old (Co-ed)

What equipment does my child need:

U12 Division - cleats, shin guards, size 4 ball, water bottle, snack

U14 Division - cleats, shin guards, size 5 ball, water bottle, snack

U19 Division - cleats, shin guards, size 5 ball, water bottle, snack

Spring 2023

We offer soccer for all children from 12 - 19 y/o.

Our U19 team is co-ed with all other teams separated by gender.

We have multiple teams in almost all age groups to fit various schedules.

Pre-season price for the Spring season is $125.

Any registrations as of Apr 1, will be $135.

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